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About  NYX

Headquarter/ Tokyo, Japan

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We are a creative institute that gathers. Our interest is in contributing to the culture around us.

We are a research team based in Tokyo, pursuing what we love to do around Japan, sharing wisdom, asking simple questions, viewing the world with an inner truth about human creativity, goodness and beauty, and faithfully developing ideas born from late-night thought experiments... But in reality, we just METALHEADS.


NYX is a private research organisation that wants to stay private, so we will continue to immerse ourselves in development and research in the future.


Members  Nakanohito



Tadakuni Konuma

He specializes in development in the IT field and, as a professional in the development field, helps optimize current services and manages engineering teams.



Satoshi Moriyama

He specializes in the IT domain, machine learning and language processing. He is also an art collector himself. He also leads development teams and structural design.



Yoru Moriyama

She is an artist and based on her real life experiences and research, she conceived and planned the concept of the service now. She is in charge of usability design.



​Tyler Kurihara

He is a photographer who shoots aerial photography and museum-grade cultural properties. He participated in usability testing from the perspective of users who sell his work.



​Ryo Teshima

He best supported this development as a young but talented all-round engineer. He has a strong stomach that can eat 6 bowls of udon-noodle.



Lovely Kids

Children of development members. She always attends development meetings and learned to say "Moshi Moshi" while working remotely.

Special Supporter