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This service is a browser-only electronic contract application to prevent troubles after the sale of works. The aim is to create an electronic contract between the author and the owner of everyday problems related to the copyright of a purchased art work, and to solve possible problems in advance. 


The name of our service is a coined word combining "Contract" and "Trust".

Meet Our Development Team

Our CONTRUST development team consists of members from diverse backgrounds.

*Introduced in alphabetical order.



​Aung Naing

A young engineer from Myanmar. He is the hope of the team and is currently studying Japanese culture. He is loved by everyone.



TAdakuni Konuma

He specializes in development in the IT field and, as a professional in the development field, helps optimize current services and manages engineering teams.



Tyler Kurihara

He is a photographer who shoots aerial photography and museum-grade cultural properties. He participated in usability testing from the perspective of users who sell his work.

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Satoshi Moriyama

He specializes in the IT domain, machine learning and language processing. He is also an art collector himself. He also leads development teams and structural design.




Children of development members. He always attends development meetings and learned to say "Moshi Moshi" while working remotely.



​Yoru Moriyama

She is an artist and based on her real life experiences and research, she conceived and planned the concept of the service now. She is in charge of usability design.

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Tomoki Sakuta

He is a legal expert on copyright and an administrative scrivener who is now supervising the service. He is familiar with the copyright situation not only in Japan but also overseas.

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Ryo Teshima

He best supported this development as a young but talented all-round engineer. He has a strong stomach that can eat 6 bowls of udon.

Development BLOG

In this section, we plan to report mainly on the development of the above-mentioned electronic contract creation service "CONTRUST," as well as on the Japanese art scene, which is not well known in the world, the situation of buying and selling artworks, copyright in Japan, and copyright troubles that are happening around us, with a copyright expert. As art lovers, we would like to contribute to the Japanese art scene and help you understand it through this service development and blog.

​*Scheduled to open to the public in September 2023. Thank you!


Thank You For
Your Donation!

We are currently working on a non-profit basis.
Funds donated through our PayPal account are used to pay for server and development maintenance costs. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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