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NYX are a creative institute that gathers together as an “Extension of GEEK. 

We are a research team that pursues what we love, share wisdom, raises simple questions, views the world with an inner truth, goodness, and beauty about human creativity, and honestly develops ideas that emerge from late-night thought experiments. 


We are an organization that welcomes different fields and diverse ways of contributing, and we are not attached to the existing way of being. We are a small team that operates in an ecosystem that leverages our strengths, collaborating with leadership in our respective fields of expertise. We enjoy examining a wide range of ideas, some of which are useful to society, and some of which are junk that doesn't seem to be useful at all.


A Creative Institute.


Design and Development.


・CON-TRUST β  (2023) 
    Browser Software, JAPAN

This service is a browser-only electronic contract application to prevent troubles after the sale of works. The aim is to create an electronic contract between the author and the owner of everyday problems related to the copyright of a purchased art work, and to solve possible problems in advance. 


The name of our service is a coined word combining "Contract" and "Trust".


has Unique Character's Soul. 


CS: Tadakuni Konuma

​Dormant Drummer

Metalhead. His skills include IT consulting/organisational management/deep knowledge of death metal and B-movies, etc. He is an idea man and has a strong heart that can sleep through a hell. Usually super mild-mannered, but his sickle may be heavy.

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CS: Satoshi Moriyama

​Deathrasher Guitarist

Metalhead. Guitarist. His skills include machine learning/language processing/IT consulting/thrash metal guitar, etc. He has been an advisor to Japan Shogi Association since 2018. Loves funny things and festivals. A man of big love, that's how people describe him.

  • さえずり
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Yoru Moriyama

Clam kid

Freshwater creatures. She specialises in art direction/character design/ communication design/concept-making and has both digital and analogue production site knowledge, from 3DCG to game development, painting and sculpture. 

  • さえずり
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  • アマゾン



CS: Tyler Kurihara

Geek Radio

Pure OTAKU, He receive radio signals of niche genres. His skills include Professional Photographer/Photogrammetry/drone/3D print/cheesy magnet collection,  etc. Super pure OTAKU.

  • さえずり
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CS: Ryo Teshima

Dev Serviver

He is a spiffy mountain fairy. But he is a distant UMA Nessie relative so he might be a baby dinosaur. He is a valuable full-stack systems engineer living by a mountain lake. He eats six bowls of noodles.


CS: Child

Lucky Bean

She is everyone's idol. She has been actively participating in our weekly meetings since she was born, or even before she was born. Lately, she has been playing the taiko drums and making everyone feel at home with her charming music. 


Release note and update info.

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