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Jingle Hell  Look Back 2023

A report on our year's activities, with a greeting photo session.


In 2023, NYX developed and released a beta version of a browser application called CONTRUST. It was a productive year, including support for indie game titles, which continued from last year. The number of core members and collaborators and the commitment to research activities have become more unique.

Oops, guys, don't get us wrong. We are just METAL HEADS R&D people. We get together at night to do R&D and talk about metal, just like we do gospel on our days off. We are just metal lovers, although we now use the expertise of each member to contribute to the creative field with our different perspectives and methods of R&D and support. So, for this retrospective, I decided to do something metal and took on the challenge of a metal jacket-style photo shoot I have long admired. Maron, a photographer who has worked on space launch scenes and photography for museum collections, JAXA and other organisations, took the shoot. What do you think? Isn't it cool? Don't get me wrong, NYX is a private research organisation that wants to stay private, so we will continue to immerse ourselves in development and research over in the future. 

Wish you all a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

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CONTRUST   Browser app

The electronic contract application to prevent troubles after the sale of works. *Available in Japan region only.

contrust summery

This service is a browser-only electronic contract application to prevent troubles after the sale of works. The aim is to create an electronic contract between the author and the owner of everyday problems related to the copyright of a purchased art work, and to solve possible problems in advance. The name of our service is a coined word combining "Contract" and "Trust".

CONTRUST can quickly and easily conclude electronic contracts while confirming the rights of both the seller and the buyer and can even automatically issue a certificate of purchase for the artwork. This service enables artists handling artworks such as drawings and photographs and art collectors as buyers to mutually confirm "what rights are licensed and what can and cannot be done" in plain form at the time of purchase and sale. This service effectively prevents problems caused by a lack of knowledge and awareness of copyrights. It also enables buyers to enjoy artworks more actively by being aware of the rights they are granted and the rights they naturally have. CONTRUST simplifies creating a contract, usually done by a specialist, so that even if you do not know the copyright, you can create and sign a valid electronic contract in a simple and understandable process.

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