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Our sponsored indie game "OSHIIRO" was released on Nintendo Switch on February 2, 2023.

2022, we are pleased to announce that the indie game title supported by the sponsorship quota through the crowdfunding conducted by Tadasumen (maker: Register) will be available on Nintendo Switch from February 2, 2023. Let's have fun together! :)

This game is about waving a psyllium to expel evil spirits that appear at a live concert venue.

▼Nintendo Switch Online Store


About the sponsor's background

We fell in love with the previous work "It's time to eat sushi or you will die. !!!!" developed by the author of this game "Tadasumen". We decided to support this game in 3 seconds after falling in love with the previous game, "It's time to eat sushi or die! The game, which the creator himself calls "sucky," is a ridiculous game concept that approaches a fundamental human need, but the consistently high quality of the music and voices is very appealing. NYX will continue to seek out and support unique creators who are unrivaled in their field.

▼ The game that inspired our decision to support "It's time to eat sushi or die!!!!"

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