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We’re pleased to announce electronic contract for artists named “CONTRUST” closed beta test.

NYX Co.,LTD. is developing a new service, "CONTRUST," which allows artists (sellers) and clients (buyers) to easily conclude e-contracts that specialize in the handling of "familiar copyrights" between them. CONTRUST allows artists and clients who handle artwork such as drawings and photographs to quickly and easily conclude electronic contracts while confirming the rights of both parties, and to automatically issue a certificate of the work. CONTRUST is an effective service for artists and clients dealing with art works such as drawings and photographs to prevent potential problems by mutually confirming the "scope of copyrights that are often inadvertently infringed" at the time of deal. By simplifying the process of creating contracts, it improves communication between artists and clients and facilitates the transaction process.

NYX is committed to the development of a public, fair, and open art market, and we are committed to providing a service that is beneficial to both artists and clients working individually.

In order to create a contract using CONTRUST, artists need to access the CONTRUST service site. By simply following the guide and entering the required information, a legally valid contract can be automatically generated according to the terms and conditions, and the client can be asked to confirm and the contract can be executed electronically. It is also possible to include a separate grant of copyright on the part of the artist for any copyrights attached to the work.

CONTRUST is suitable for the following people

  • Individuals who are selling their works

  • Those who are not familiar with copyrights, but want to do business with smoothly.

  • Those who are not familiar with the law but want to easily create a sales contract for artwork.

  • Those who have had problems in the past and want to avoid them as much as possible in the future.

If you are interested in using CONTRUST, please register your e-mail address from the following URL. We will contact you when it is ready.

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