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Launch of the beta version of the electronic contract creation service “CONTRUST”(*Japan only)

NYX Co., Ltd. announces the release of the beta version of "CONTRUST," a new service that allows artists (sellers) and clients (buyers) to easily create online contracts that specialise in the handling of "familiar copyrights.

CONTRUST can quickly and easily conclude electronic contracts while confirming the rights of both the seller and the buyer and can even automatically issue a certificate of purchase for the artwork. This service enables artists handling artworks such as drawings and photographs and art collectors as buyers to mutually confirm "what rights are licensed and what can and cannot be done" in plain form at the time of purchase and sale. This service effectively prevents problems caused by a lack of knowledge and awareness of copyrights. It also enables buyers to enjoy artworks more actively by being aware of the rights they are granted and the rights they naturally have. CONTRUST simplifies creating a contract, usually done by a specialist, so that even if you do not know the copyright, you can create and sign a valid electronic contract in a simple and understandable process.

Background of Development

NYX has been planning and developing the CONTRUST service to develop a public, fair, and open art market. NYX has prepared and created the CONTRUST service to establish a shared, fair, and honest art market. The service is designed to make it easy for individual artists and art collectors to understand and utilise their rights.

To use CONTRUST to create a contract, the artist must first access the CONTRUST service site ( By following the guide and entering the required information in sequence, a legally valid contract can be automatically generated, the buyer can be asked to confirm, and the agreement can be executed electronically. It is also possible to include a separate grant of copyrights attached to the work being transferred on the part of the artist.

CONTRUST is suitable for

- Individuals who are selling their works

- Those unfamiliar with copyright but want to do business with confidence.

- Those unfamiliar with the law but want to make a sales contract for artwork easily.

- Those who have had problems and want to avoid them as much as possible in the future.

Use of CONTRUST is free of charge during the beta period. You can donate to this PayPal link if you would like to support us in developing this public service. Thank you very much; your thoughtfulness will encourage our growth team. Please note that fees may be set after the beta period, and the end of the beta period will be announced separately.


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